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TIM Institution

The Graduate Institute of Technology & Innovation Management is normally concentrated into 3 fields. These are basic business, basic management, and professional technology management. Professional technology management is further divided into four subfields, including technology management, innovation management, business strategies, as well as IP environment and policies. Following are the outline of the curriculum:

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Basic Courses

Basic commerce courses Basic management courses Basic technology courses
Economics (2-3)
Accounting (2-3)
Statistics (2-3)
* Corporate Social Responsibilty (0) Organizational Theory and Management (3)
Financial Management (3)
Marketing Management (3)
Research Methods (3)
Accounting Management (3)
Production and Operational Management (3) *Introduction of technology industry (3)
Industrial technology practice (2)

Professional Management Courses

Technological creativity Business operation
* Technology and human society (3)      
* Economics of Innovation and Industrial Dynamics (3)
* Communication and Team Work (3)
* Creative Industry (3)
Curating in Theory and Practice (3)
Arts Marketing (3)
Seminar on Experience Economy (2) * Strategy Management in Technology Business (3) 
*Strategic Innovation (3)
* Entrepreneurship and New Business Development (3)
* Seminar in Technoligy Innovation & IP integration(I) (2) 
* Seminar in Technoligy Innovation & IP integration(II) (2)
Competitive Dynamics and Innovation Studies (3)
Patent Analysis and Industrial Innovation (2)
Case Studies in Strategic Management (1)
Seminar in Enterpreneur Management (3)
Innovation management IP Operation
*Innovation Management (3)    
*Research and Development Management (3)
* Innovation Adoption and Diffusion:Multiple Perspectives (3)
* Strategic Production and Operations Management (3)
Technology Forecasting and Assessment (3)    
Open Service Innovation (3)
Information Technology enabled Organization Innovation (3)
IT-enabled Business Innovation and Organizational Change- Sherlock Holmes Technology (3)
Seminar in Organizational Innovation Management (3) * Innovation and Intellectual Property (3)
Marketing Communication (3)
Intellectual Property Management (3)
Seminar in Technology Policy (3)

* the required curriculum

The Post-MS MBA program offers professional educational programs in technology management with MBA degree. The prospective students are masters of nature science with work experience, R&D experience is a plus. Students after they graduate, normally contain the skills of Project Management and Product Management and to train industrial professionals and managers in managerial skills, particularly in cross-disciplinary management.