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Community Services and Academia-Industry Coordination

Our faculties often participate in consulting and project examining for the Office of the President, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Intellectual Property Office, Industrial Development Bureau, Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, National Science Council, Industrial Technology Research Institute, and Fair Trade Commission. The staff also writes comments for newspapers and magazines regularly, and provides book reviews. Moreover, the faculty holds the TIM 100 books selection every year, providing the latest knowledge of technology management to the public.

To coordinate with the development of national technology, the center of technology policy and law was founded in 1998; their mission is to research national competitiveness, science and technology policies, legislation for technology, and intellectual property laws. To meet the industrial needs, we provide short-term training courses and credit classes for the managers of high-tech companies. We also coordinate with Ministry of Economic Affairs, National Science Council, Intellectual Property Office, and Council of Agriculture to provide interdisciplinary workshops, to foster the key talents of interdisciplinary.