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During the operation of TIM since founded in 1994, it maintained a deep interaction with technology industry through industrial technical management and the entrustment of national technical policy cases. Such as assessment of the market of satellite communications, the research of the feasibility of Asia-Pacific technology policy research center, the ascription of intellectual property of the result of technology project, registration of ITIS, five-year plan of software, product position and global logistics managements’ planning of technology companies, the operation of the industry of creative life, industrial academic corporation of digital archives programs, research of venture and innovation, open innovation, cultural creativity industry, and services innovation, were the researches which had been done or in progress during the past 10 years.

IIP is the core of domestic IP management research and relative personnel training, and had participated in several significant research projects, such as intellectual property value analysis system, training program for Interdisciplinary senior personnel on technology background, personnel training and management counseling program for the industrialization of agriculture technology, operating mechanism of IP rights in clinical medicine of biotechnology, the establishment of IP management system in startups, the reorganization of IP data in the judicial intellectual library of Judicial Yuan in the year of 2009, and the plan of National Science Council concerning the TELDAP Platform for Licensing and Value-Added Creations.

Our faculties are all specialized and enjoy reputation in their expertise, furthermore, they are also the leader of several interdistrict and interdisciplinary research projects, including:

Investigation of national innovation system and innovation dynamics.
Research on innovation and creativity.
Knowledge circulation between the industry, theories and research.
Case study of National Science Council concerning the coordination of theories and practices.
Standard of measurement of creativity and innovation.
Innovation platform and mechanism within and between organizations.
Development and management of incubation center.
Management and operation mechanism of intellectual property.
Comments on intellectual property cases in US, Europe, and Japan.

These researches had become the best gatekeeper for foreign scholars to study technology management and IP domain in Taiwan. At least 200 cases and dozens of research reports had been accomplished.