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In order to achieve our mission, we pay equal attention on industrial and business knowledge; operate ability (resources integration, IP operation) and management method (innovation thinking, IP analysis); technical erudition and humanism legal quality. With regards to our education methods, we actively promote multidisciplinary teaching and in class discussion, including:

Problem-based learning: 
Including simulation of operation, encounter group, stimulate of creativity, and role-playing.
Experiential learning: 
Enhance the comprehension of domestic high-tech industry through the in-school lectures by entrepreneur and several practical special topics during summer vacation period.
Learning by traveling: 
During summer and winter vacation periods, all staff and students will attend strategically planned advanced studies in Taiwan and abroad, giving the students opportunities to experience application of theories. This aims to cultivate students’ industrial view and global vision.

Dynamic technology change, short product life cycle, and incessant innovation characterize the knowledge-based economy. Unlike the traditional business management education, our society needs managers equipped with technological expertise, global vision, IP operation, and innovation managerial skills to meet the challenges of this new age. This is why the purpose of TIIPM is to prepare our students for those emerging needs.