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International Activities

The Oversea Journey of Innovation – a Voyage without Maps

Learning by playing and realizing innovative ideas.

The Graduate Institute of Technology, Innovation & Intellectual Property Management (TIIPM) at National Chengchi University (NCCU) see “creativity” as one of the core ideas of research and teaching. Creativity development requires foreseeing vision, capability to explore the unknown initiatively, and courage to confront risks and learn from actions quickly. These creative ideas have been put into action through the “learning by playing” program since the establishment of TIIPM. 

Since 1995, faculty members and the student body of TIIPM have visited 16 countries around the globe at their own expense every year, with the initial focus on Europe yet increasing proportion of visits to Asian countries. In terms of visited institutions, we also shifted from mainly research or academic institutes to government agencies and innovative enterprises in the recent ten years. Among the enterprises visited, high-tech industries were highlighted in the early period, while humanities as well as the creative and cultural industries received more attention in the later period. Under the diverse-area plans and with broad and innovative visions, TIIPM members can not only understand the pulse of innovative trends, but also bring things seen and learned abroad back to Taiwan and discover among which aspects in Taiwan could use some improvements. 

Every visit is an adventure and an innovation. In order to grasp the opportunity to learn and develop active passion, we have transformed commutes into “moving classrooms,” housings into “mobile offices,” and streets into the field to experience creativity. Through prior scheming, information seminars before the visit, and the result presentation after the visit, TIIPM members altogether could learn and grow with each other, further facilitating students to explore, venture, take challenges, and perceive how innovation changed the faces of industries and enterprises through their eyes. In this way, we not only broaden the vision of our members, but also cultivate the DNA of bravery and adventure of TIIPM, NCCU.

Visited countries and institutions of overseas creativity trips over the years



Purpose and Institution


United Kingdom, France, Germany and Austria

Research into the system of technology management

High-tech enterprises’ education.

SPRU/ Thomson (France)




Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Innovation system of industries, government agencies, research center, and academic center.

Technology strategy of MNCs.

European Headquarter of Acer/ Lighting department of Philips/ ISI (Creativity System Research center of Germany)


Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark

Management of high-tech enterprises.

Knowledge economy.

Nokia/ Ericsson/ Volvo/ STEP


United Kingdom, France and Italy 

Education and cooperation of creativity among industries, academic centers and research centers.

Product design and creativity.

Edinburgh University/ Sophia-Antipolis/ Milano office of TBDC


Hungry, Czech, Germany and France

Technology management.

R&D management.

Creativity management.

R&D center of BMW/Fraunhofer Institute/ Max Planck Institute/

Technology Center ASCR


West Coast of the United States (Seattle, San Francisco and Silicon Valley)

Silicon Valley regional innovation system.

Innovation management of high-tech enterprises.

HP/ Microsoft/ Zymogenetics/ Stanford University-CIS&CES


East Coast of the United States (Washington, D.C, Philadelphia, New York and Boston)

911 special plan of East United States:

Discussion on the decision made toward 911 of United States Government.

Relationship between Education, humanities and state power.

Races, lives and medias.


 Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland

Technology, humanities and ecology.

Technology policies and park.

Technology innovation and transfer.

Roche/ IBM/ BENZ/

Office for Scientific, Technical and Cultural Affairs (Belgium)


Germany, Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark

Environment of creativity cultivation.

Knowledge and space.

Volkswagen Autostadt/ Volve/ BI Norwegian School of Management/ Copenhagen Business School


 Japan (Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo)

Knowledge Inheritance, exhibition, and value-added.

EXPO 2005(Aichi)/ Sony/Studio Ghibli/ Mushi Production (Tetzuka Osamu’s)


Germany, France and Netherlands

Green Technology.

Technology management.

Technology innovation.

Zollverein (Ruhr)/Green Building of ING Bank(Netherland)/Design center of Philip/BenQ Europe


West Coast of the United States (Seattle, Silicon Valley and Los Angles

Green Opportunities of Silicon Valley.

Tips of MNCs management.

Apple/ EA/ GOOGLE/ Trend Micro/University of Stanford


China (Qingdao, Tianjin and Beijing)

Strategy and creativity of China’s enterprises.

Creativities in Beijing Olympic.

Tingyi (Cayman Islands) Holding Corporation / Symbio Inc. / ACE PILLAR / Shougang


United Kingdom (London, Cambridge, Oxford, Birmingham and Liverpool)

Cultivation and value-added of the culture industry in UK.

Creative city and urban renewal.

BBC/ Cambridge University/ LIPA/ CIDA


 Mainland China (Hangzhou and Shanghai)

Development and operation of China’s culture industry enterprises.

Creativity and planning of Shanghai EXPO.

ZN Animation/Xixi Creativity Park/Hippo Animation/Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center


South Korea (Seoul)

Creativity of digital content.

Experience of services.

Technology creativities.

SAMSUNG/ Korean Film Council / Sangam Digital Media City